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The dental needs of you and your family are important to us at Southwest Florida Dental Group. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch general dental care to patients ages ten and up throughout Fort Myers, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need a dental exam or a teeth cleaning, your dental needs will be best served by the modern facilities and procedures utilized at Southwest Florida Dental Group. Our warm and welcoming environment makes it easy for you to ask questions, address concerns, and improve your health.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services

Dental Exam

Maintain good oral health easily with a routine dental exam from our team. We can catch many possible oral health problems before they have a chance to develop. We will check for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer, or irregularities during your appointment. Also, we will examine your entire mouth, neck, and jaw joints.

Routine Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are essential for keeping your smile bright, your oral health maintained, and your breath fresh. During your appointment, we will remove any plaque buildup or tartar from your teeth, as well as check for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer, or irregularities. Our team also educates you on maintaining your smile and oral health between visits.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are the least invasive method to obtain imaging of your mouth. Our office is committed to providing you with the safest and most effective treatment, which is why we utilize digital X-rays instead of using traditional film. These images give us the clearest view of your tissues while reducing the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

As the foundation of your teeth, your gums are one of the most important things to maintain within your mouth. When your gums are unhealthy, it can cause problems for your oral health and overall health. If you are showing signs of gum disease, we will discuss the available treatment options with you. Our goal is to restore your dental health.

Emergency Dental Care

Stay protected during sudden dental incidents with immediate emergency dental care from our team. We provide emergency care, including denture repairs, fillings, and extractions. Allow us to deliver the prompt treatment you need. If you are a patient in need of emergency dental care, please contact our office immediately at 239-284-1010 for care and after-hour instructions.

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